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Electroanalysis 2015, 27(4), 924-928

Simultaneous Anodic and Cathodic Voltammetric Detection of Patulin and Ochratoxin A on Well-Defined Carbon Electrodes

Detection of mycotoxins is paramount importance for food quality control. Here we compare well-defined surfaces for electrochemical detection of patulin and ochratoxin A on edge plane pyrolytic graphite and glassy carbon electrodes. Patulin shows well-defined peak at similar to - 1.5 V, deeply in cathodic region; ochratoxin A is in contrary oxidizable at potential similar to + 0.9 V. We investigate here the possibility to simultaneously detect two important mycotoxins with distinctive cathodic and anodic signals. We show that edge-plane pyrolytic graphite provides more sensitive response over glassy carbon electrode. It is clear that high density of the edges on graphite is highly beneficial to the voltammetric response of these mycotoxins. The developed technique should have profound impact on research towards portable sensors of mycotoxins.

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