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Advanced Functional Materials 2020, 30(6), 1906449

Self‐Propelled Tags for Protein Detection

Protein detection is of tremendous significance for biological and biomedical sciences. Because there is no equivalent of polymerase chain reaction available as a tool for protein detection, researchers must rely on tags to enhance the limits of detection. One of the crucial steps is the actual labeling of proteins, which relies on diffusion of the label, which is very slow, or external mixing of the label and protein is needed. Here, a conceptually new approach is demonstrated: self‐propelled tags that autonomously move in the solution and enhance protein detection. The tags used here are based on IrO2/Pt bilayer microtubules, which can self‐propel and act as moving tags for enhanced protein electrochemical detection. This completely new label‐based protein detection concept using self‐propelled tag will find a wide spectrum of applications.

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