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Advanced Functional Materials 2018, ()

Micro‐ and Nanomachines on the Move

Micro‐ and nanomachines that can self‐propel or that can be actuated to act as transporters, sensors, and mobile reactors require novel functional responsive materials. Important advances in materials science over the past decade have led to remarkable progress in this field and the development and operation of synthetic nanomachines that start to mimic their natural counterparts. Advances in functional materials have played a key role in achieving the efficient locomotion and the incorporation of functionalities that enable important biomedical and environmental applications. Multifunctional, active, and biocompatible materials promise the next generation of these tiny machines that are autonomous and that tackle diverse real‐life applications. This special issue of Advanced Functional Materials focuses on “Micro‐ and Nanomachines on the Move” and highlights the many material aspects that turn passive micro‐ and nanoparticles into efficient, dynamic, and versatile agents. It is our great pleasure to present this collection of fine reviews and feature articles from this exciting field. This collection encompasses reviews and research articles that report the interaction of micromachines with living matter, such as applications of micromotors inside of mammals, drug delivery based autonomous systems, or the synergy of inorganic and living matter (cyborgs) based micromachines. Other feature articles discuss light‐driven motors, phototactic microswimmers, construction of electric and magnetic field powered motors, conducting polymer crawlers, kinesin‐like magnetic walkers, soft and responsive microrobots and magnetic and enzyme‐powered motors for cancer therapy. The present special issue thus represents the state‐of‐the‐art in this challenging and fascinating scientific area. We thank all the authors for their high‐quality articles and Wiley for their great editorial support.

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