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Journal Of Separation Science 2003, 26(1-2), 129-132

Capillary zone electrophoretic assay of biologically active thioacridine derivatives

A capillary zone electrophoretic method was developed for the analytical evaluation of newly synthesized biologically active thioacridine derivatives. Based on background electrolyte pH optimization, the experimental conditions ensuring satisfactory resolution of the studied set of thioacridine derivatives and their accompanying synthetic impurities were found. Optimum background electrolyte consists of 30 mM citric acid and 30 mM beta-alanine (pH 3.74). Calibration data confirmed linear response for all compounds of interest in the concentration range 1-500 mug/mL, sufficiently high sensitivity, and limits of detection not exceeding 0.16 mug/mL. The described assay proved to be suitable for rapid identification and purity evaluation of studied thioacridine derivatives. The qualitative and quantitative results have been compared with those obtained using conventional liquid chromatography. The differences were not generally significant.

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