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Chemelectrochem 2014, 1(3), 529-531

Simultaneous Electrochemical Detection of Silver and Molybdenum Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NPs) and quantum dots (QDs) are of interest as redox tags in electrochemical biosensing. Simultaneous monitoring of the redox reactions of these tags with different redox potentials under mild conditions may allow the multiplex detection of target analytes in point-of-care applications. The multiplex detection of Ag and Mo NPs on a glassy carbon electrode is investigated under mild aqueous conditions (pH 7.2) by using differential pulse voltammetry. The separation in the oxidative peaks allows us to successfully quantify each component of the NPs at a time. The redox signals are proportional to the amount of each NP, with the dynamic ranges of 0.313 to 10 ng for Ag NP and 31.3 to 500 ng for Mo NP on the working electrode. The electrochemical features of these NPs meet the requirements of redox tags for multiplex sensing schemes, without the need for NP dissolution by using strong acid and base reagents.

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