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Chemistry-A European Journal 2016, 22(49), 17696-17703

Simple Synthesis of Fluorinated Graphene: Thermal Exfoliation of Fluorographite

Fluorinated graphene can be prepared directly by thermal exfoliation of fluorographite. The exfoliation was performed in a dynamic nitrogen atmosphere at various temperatures and the exfoliation products were analysed in detail by GC-MS. The structure and properties of all prepared fluorinated graphenes with various contents of fluorine were characterized by a number of analytical techniques. The results show both the dependence of fluorine concentration on exfoliation temperature and the suitability of this method for the synthesis of graphene with controlled concentration of fluorine. The high-temperature exfoliated fluorographite exhibits a high heterogeneous electron transfer rate and excellent catalytic properties towards the oxygen reduction reaction. These synthetic procedures can open a simple way for the synthesis of fluorinated graphene-based devices with tailored properties.

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