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Analyst 2005, 130(6), 971-976

Sensitive stripping voltammetry of heavy metals by using a composite sensor based on a built-in bismuth precursor

A new graphite - epoxy composite electrode (GECE) containing Bi(NO3)(3) as a built-in bismuth precursor for simultaneous and individual anodic stripping analysis of heavy trace metals like lead and cadmium is reported. The developed Bi(NO3)(3)-GECE is compatible with bismuth film electrodes reported previously including the composite electrodes (Bi-GECE) recently reported by our group. Bi(NO3)(3)-GECE displays the ability for the detection of both individual and simultaneous determination of heavy trace metals and exhibits well defined, reproducible and sharp stripping signals. The sensitive response is combined with the minimal toxicity of Bi(NO3)(3). This novel sensor would be an appropriate alternative tool to sensors using bismuth in solution during their utilization in environmental quality monitoring as well as other applications.

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