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Nanoscale 2013, 5(4), 1319-1324

Self-propelled nanojets via template electrodeposition

In this paper, we present a rapid, high-yield, low-end and low-cost fabrication of nanojet motors using a template directed electrochemical deposition method. Using an electrochemical deposition method, the bubble-ejecting nanojets were grown within the alumina template, which is commercially available. These fabricated nanosized devices have typical dimensions of 300 nm (diameter) by 4.5 mu m (length), and they are able to move in a hydrogen peroxide fuel solution with velocities up to approximately 40 body lengths per second. They are also capable of exhibiting various modes of movement such as straight, screw-like and circular motions, in a similar manner comparable to larger micro-sized jets. In addition, due to their small dimensions, the movements of these nanojets can be strongly influenced by colliding them with microbubbles. This highly parallel method which is of low-cost and requires the usage of low-end equipment that can be easily located in any laboratory opens up the doors for world-wide nanojet fabrication in the near future.

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