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Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 2014, 118(51), 29896-29902

Remote Electrochemical Monitoring of an Autonomous Self-Propelled Capsule

While self-propelled autonomous devices have witnessed dramatic developments in recent years, the systems monitoring their movement have not kept up and continue to rely on optical tracking, which is difficult to automate and requires large processing power for analysis of recorded movies. Optical systems are also limited by transparency of the media/system and are constrained by the depth and field of view. A system that obviates these inherent limitations of optical tracking is urgently needed. Here, the remote monitoring by an electrochemical method is presented. It demonstrates efficacy in the determination of the location of an autonomous self-propelled capsule in continuous motion regardless of transparency or optical limitations. The cognitive ability of the capsule to survey positions of obstacles is also illustrated. This novel method allows for the mapping of self-propelled motors and their surroundings, via the transmission of real-time information, in a channel environment. Such a system provides a break-through of monitoring limitations and allows for truly autonomous systems.

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