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Chemistry-A European Journal 2013, 19(15), 4748-4753

Precise Tuning of Surface Composition and Electron-Transfer Properties of Graphene Oxide Films through Electroreduction

Graphene materials are generally prepared from the exfoliation of graphite oxide (GO) to graphene oxide, followed by subsequent chemical or thermal reduction. These methods, although efficient in removing most of the oxygen functionalities from the GO material, lack control over the extent of the reduction process. We demonstrate here an electrochemical reduction procedure that not only allows for precise control of the reduction process to obtain a graphene material with a well-defined C/O ratio in the range of 3 to 10, but also one that is able to tune the electrocatalytic properties of the reduced material. A method that is able to precisely control the amount and density of the oxygen functionalities on the graphene material as well as its electrochemical behaviour is very important for several applications such as electronics, bio-composites and electrochemical devices.

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