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Chemphyschem 2015, 16(4), 769-774

Misfit-Layered Bi1.85Sr2Co1.85O7.7-delta for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction: Beyond van der Waals Heterostructures

Recent research on stable 2D nanomaterials has led to the discovery of new materials for energy-conversion and energy-storage applications. A class of layered heterostructures known as misfit-layered chalcogenides consists of well-defined atomic layers and has previously been applied as thermoelectric materials for use as high-temperature thermoelectric batteries. The performance of such misfit-layered chalcogenides in electrochemical applications, specifically the hydrogen evolution reaction, is currently unexplored. Herein, a misfit-layered chalcogenide consisting of CoO2 layers interleaved with an SrO-BiO-BiO-SrO rock-salt block and having the formula Bi1.85Sr2Co1.85O7.7-delta is synthesized and examined for its structural and electrochemical properties. The hydrogen-evolution performance of misfit-layered Bi1.85Sr2Co1.85O7.7-delta, which has an overpotential of 589 mV and a Tafel slope of 51 mV per decade, demonstrates the promising potential of misfit-layered chalcogenides as electrocatalysts instead of classical carbon.

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