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Chemistry-A European Journal 2014, 20(46), 14946-+

Iridium-Catalyst-Based Autonomous Bubble-Propelled Graphene Micromotors with Ultralow Catalyst Loading

A novel concept of an iridium-based bubble-propelled Janus-particle-type graphene micromotor with very high surface area and with very low catalyst loading is described. The low loading of Ir catalyst (0.54at%) allows for fast motion of graphene microparticles with high surface area of 316.2m(2)g(-1). The micromotor was prepared with a simple and scalable method by thermal exfoliation of iridium-doped graphite oxide precursor composite in hydrogen atmosphere. Oxygen bubbles generated from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide at the iridium catalytic sites provide robust propulsion thrust for the graphene micromotor. The high surface area and low iridium catalyst loading of the bubble-propelled graphene motors offer great possibilities for dramatically enhanced cargo delivery.

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