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Nanoscale 2017, 9(10), 3530-3536

Investigation on the ability of heteroatom-doped graphene for biorecognition

Doped graphene platforms have been attracting considerable attention due to their improved electrochemical performances. Recent studies have shown the advantage of using either p-type or n-type doped graphene materials as transducers for the detection of various electroactive probes. Here we wanted to take a step forward and extend the study to investigate the ability of heteroatom doped graphene as an electrochemical platform for biorecognition. To this aim, a boron-doped graphene, a nitrogen-doped graphene and an undoped graphene material prepared under similar conditions were employed for the detection of fumonisin B-1, a highly carcinogenic mycotoxin found in food commodities. We found that the material structural features, such as the amount of oxygen functionalities, had a stronger influence on the sensitivity of biorecognition rather than the kind and amount of dopant. Our findings may be essential for the choice of a proper platform for the assessment of food safety.

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