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Journal Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology 2005, 5(10), 1694-1698

Glucose biosensor based on carbon nanotube epoxy composites

A novel glucose biosensor based on a rigid and renewable carbon nanotube (CNT) based biocomposite is reported. The biosensor was based on the immobilization of glucose oxidase (GOx) within the CNT epoxy-composite matrix prepared by dispersion of multi-wall CNT inside the epoxy resin. The use of CNT, as the conductive part of the composite, ensures better incorporation of enzyme into the epoxy matrix and faster electron transfer rates between the enzyme and the transducer. Experimental results show that the CNT epoxy composite biosensor (GOx-CNTEC) offers an excellent sensitivity, reliable calibration profile, and stable electrochemical properties together with significantly lower detection potential (+0.55 V) than GOx-graphite epoxy composites (+0.90 V; difference Delta E = 0.35 V). The results obtained favorably compare to those of a glucose biosensor based on a graphite epoxy composite (GOx-GEC).

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