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ACS Nano 2018, 12(6), 5666-5673

Functional Protection of Exfoliated Black Phosphorus by Noncovalent Modification with Anthraquinone

Few and monolayer black phosphorus (phosphorene) is currently an intensively researched material. Shear exfoliated black phosphorus (BPSE) nano sheets were functionalized with the redox active antraquinone (AQ) that can provide additional charge storage capacity. The noncovalent interaction of BP with AQ occurs due to van der Waals interactions. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy results show that AQ coverage of BPSE nanosheets led to a stabilization against BPSE degradation. Electrochemistry of the BPSE-AQ shows that AQ is stably anchored onto BPSE and exhibits redox peaks stable for more than 100 cycles. The surface coverage by AQ on BPSE is estimated to be 1.25 nmol AQ/mg BP and electron transfer rate constant (k(ET)) of 33 s(-1). Furthermore, the proposed modification greatly increases the gravimetric capacitance of BPSE-AQ with respect to the starting BPbulk. Such coating of BP not only protects BP from degradation but also brings electroactive functionality to this two-dimensionally layered material.

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