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Chemistry-A European Journal 2018, 24(63), 16833-16839

Fluorographene and Graphane as an Excellent Platform for Enzyme Biocatalysis

The application of enzymes is a crucial issue for current biotechnological application in pharmaceutical, as well as food and cosmetic industry. Effective platforms for enzyme immobilization are necessary for their industrial use in various biosynthesis procedures. Such platforms must provide high yield of immobilization and retain high activity at various conditions for their large-scale applications. Graphene derivatives such as hydrogenated graphene (graphane) and fluorographene can be applied for enzyme immobilization with close to 100 % yield that can result to activities of the composites significantly exceeding activity of free enzymes. The hydrophobic properties of graphene stoichiometric derivatives allowed for excellent non-covalent bonding of enzymes and their use in various organic solvents. The immobilized enzymes retain their high activities even at elevated temperatures. These findings show excellent application potential of enzyme biocatalysts immobilized on graphene stoichiometric derivatives.

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