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Chemistry-A European Journal 2015, 21(37), 13020-13026

Fluorinated Nanocarbons Cytotoxicity

As the research in nanotechnology progresses, there will eventually be an influx in the number of commercial products containing different types of nanomaterials. This phenomenon might damage our health and environment if the nanomaterials used are found to be toxic and they are released into the waters when the products degrade. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxicity of fluorinated nanocarbons (CXFs), a group of nanomaterials which can find applications in solid lubricants and lithium primary batteries. Our cell viability findings indicated that the toxicological effects induced by the CXF are dependent on the dose, size, shape, and fluorine content of the CXF. In addition, we verified that CXFs have insignificant interactions with the cell viability assaysmethylthiazolyldiphenyl-tetrazolium bromide (MTT) and water-soluble tetrazolium salt (WST-8), thus suggesting that the cytotoxicity data obtained are unlikely to be affected by CXF-induced artifacts and the results will be reliable.

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