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Chemnanomat 2015, 1(5), 359-363

Electrochemistry of Cd3As2-A 3D Analogue of Graphene

Graphene has been well-known for its outstanding electrochemical properties over the years owing to its zero band gap and structural advantages. Lately, Cd3As2, a three-dimensional (3D) Dirac semi-metal, has been fervently explored in the field of material physics due to its high electron carrier mobility and transport properties. However, unlike graphene and its derivatives, the electrochemical behavior of Cd3As2 has been underexplored despite it being established as a bulk analogue of 3D graphene in its electronic properties. In this work, we investigate the interesting electrochemistry of Cd3As2 in terms of its heterogeneous electron transfer, as well as its electrocatalytic potential in energy applications like hydrogen evolution reaction.

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